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Built a C++ tensor library from scratch capable to instantiate tensors and fully connected neural networks. Improved the time taken to perform dot product by 8600% as compared to NumPy arrays using modern C++ semantics


Linux · Full-Stack Development · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Data Structures · Standard Template Library (STL) · Shell Scripting · Git · C++

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Machine Learning to detect counterfeit bills

Machine Learning to detect counterfeit bills2020-11-08

Read in a database and applied machine learning algorithms to detect counterfeit bills.


Python · SciKit · pandas · Git

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Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator2020-09-08

A Tkinter based GUI that calculates your accumulated wealth at retirement over a period of years.


Python · GUI · Object Oriented Programming · Git

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iOS Dating app based on Horoscope

iOS Dating app based on Horoscope2023-03-22

Built a full stack iOS dating app that matches profiles based on horoscope score. This code is currently private as I decide to post it to the app store.


React Native · Swift · Firebase · Authorization · Authentication · Git